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SQL Prompt Smart Rename and Split Table both include unrelated procedures

Using v
I've just tried Smart Rename and Split table for the first time.
In both cases there are MANY procedures included in the script, that are not related to the table.
Am I missing some setting?


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    Hi @alphonseg,

    Thanks for letting us know. We don't have enough information to answer.
    Would it be possible for you to send us these scripts (either on the forums or by emailing it to us at sqlpromptteam@red-gate.com) that is not good in your opinion?

    Best regards,
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    alphonsegalphonseg Posts: 34 Silver 1
    Those would be proprietary. I did try it on a much simpler database and it only included the correct procedures. So, maybe it has to do with the amount of tables or procedures.
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    kkam99518kkam99518 Posts: 7 Bronze 3
    Hi,  I hadn't used Smart Rename for several months but when I attempted it today I had the same issue as noted above.

    The column I was attempting to rename is only referenced in 3 Procedures. 

    The generated script included 5 Functions, 12 Views, and 115 Procedures!

    Is there a setting in SQL Prompt that can narrow this down?
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