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An error occurred while attempting to deploy project scripts (EDS cache)

Hello colleagues,

I'm having hard times deploying the database with RR. Partially, it is related to the question I have already risen before (about the BLOB_STORAGE). In the end of the database creation script I have the following statement:

EXEC ('IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.external_data_sources WHERE name = ''AzureBlobStorage'')
PRINT ''Already exists''
WITH ( TYPE = BLOB_STORAGE, LOCATION = ''https://mycoolstorage.blob.core.windows.net'');

So, this data source can be used by the bunch of the scripts (that perform bulk insert) I have in my solution. For some reason I'm getting the following error:
"Error An error occurred while attempting to deploy project scripts: Msg 33519, Level 16, State 1, Server sqlsrv01-dev, Line 5. An external data source conflicting with 'AzureBlobStorage' already exists in EDS cache in memory. Use alter step to change the location or credential. Drop and re-create to change the EDS name."

What in the world "EDS cache in memory" is? Until this point (due to this error) RR does not create database objects and EDS either. I see nothing in the "External Resources -> External Data Sources" (see image below), so there is nothing to drop as error message suggests.

The issue is quite easy to reproduce. Unfortunately, while surfing the internet I didn't find any clues on this issue. Is this another bug?
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