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Feature first:
I have merge replication set on two databases between two instances. the replication schedule runs from 08:00-20:00. There are over-night data processes that run to increment time bound values etc in the published databases. this takes place outside the replication schedule. The first replication job to run in the morning takes a long time (00's of seconds) but all others run in 15-30s. I get alerts all day long about the job running for an unusual time. I have no idea how you can get around this situation but it would be great if you could! I cannot set a % on the alert settings that will allow for this.

I have created a custom filter for alerts and recommendations views but when starting the application these filters are not applied. They are shown in the filter drop-down (as they were active last time i used the application) but i have to select them again to get them to take effect.


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    Thank you for your post into the forum.

    I have submitted a Feature Request for consideration by the SQL Response Development Team, for users to be able to monitor and configure thresholds for SQL Server Merge Replication Tasks as it's own alert. The reference for this request is SSR-1373.

    As for the Bug you submitted. Myself and a colleague have tried setting custom filters and views. After the closing the client, SQL response re-opens the last view, viewed by the user. So if I was using my custom view and then closed SQL Response Client. On reopening the client, my custom view is loaded.

    Can you please confirm that you are using the custom filter and view before closing the SQL Response client?

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  • Hi Eddie,

    Yes I am only using the custom filter all the time. I use it all day (eg last Friday) and at the end of day I close the application and shut down the PC. In the morning (today) I start my PC, start SQL Response and the alerts are listed in full detail. I have to click the custom filter name and then the filter applies...

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    Thank you for your reply.

    After closing and reopening the SQL Response Client. Once the client has loaded, what is the view name in the 'Show:' drop down box on the toolbar?

    Can you please locate the ClientSettings.dat file in the following directory:
    C:\Documents and settings\<User_Name>\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Response Client

    If you open the ClientSettings.dat file using notepad, you will see some xml code like the following:
      &lt;persistRoot version="1" isObject="true"&gt;
        &lt;AlertView&gt;My View 1&lt;/AlertView&gt;

    Do you have your custom view name in between the <AlertView> </AlertView> code?

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