SQL Code Guard support versus SQL Prompt support

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Support for SQL Code Guard is only available via this community forum as it is a free experimental product. You are encouraged to help other users of the product via posts in this forum.

If you would like full Redgate support, you can purchase SQL Prompt, which now contains new code analysis features.

SQL Code Guard only supports SSMS 2016 so if you would like code analysis in a newer or older version of SSMS, or in Visual Studio, you can try SQL Prompt's as-you-type code analysis.

Some of the benefits of Code Analysis in SQL Prompt…

Discover issues and hidden pitfalls
As you write your code any issues are underlined with quick tips on hover, and further details when you click on the lightbulb icon.

Get clear explanations and suggestions to improve your code
A new sidebar gives you more information about the issue and how you can fix it, plus you get links to further reading online.

Choose from a large selection of analysis rules
Over 80 rules from SQL Code Guard are available out-of-the-box, all manageable from our options menu so you can choose which suggestions you see. We will be adding the remaining rules over the next few weeks.

You can download your free trial of SQL Prompt here.

The SQL Prompt team will check this forum once a week and submit quick replies if possible.
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