Is there a RR import & generate command line option?

Mike_HMike_H Posts: 1 New member
I am using RR Core on VS2017.
To generate new scripts I have to open the project in VS and click the "Import & Generate Script" button.
Is there a way to do this on the command line so I can integrate it into my build procedure?


  • Hi Mike,

    At the moment ReadyRoll doesn't support this option, and the structure of the project is not changed by the build process. We do not recommend automation of the import step, as there would not be a way to prevent unintended changes from being included in the migration - this is a particular issue if multiple developers are working on the same database on different issues. It also ensures that scripts can be reviewed before deployment in the case of nuanced changes that involve careful handling of data.
    Adam Bowden,
    Software Engineer, RedGate Software
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