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Extracting Long running query Information out of Redgate

SarmaSarma Posts: 2 New member
edited November 22, 2017 2:37PM in Redgate Monitor

We want to extract the long running query information out of redgate Monitoring repository.

Could you provide some query please?



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    SarmaSarma Posts: 2 New member
    Please some one can answer this query...
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    I'm looking at this too, but the data isn't stored in a logical way in the Redgate database.
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    I'll bump this question up as well, and give a little context. What I would love to be able to do is start reviewing patterns in the long-running queries so we can review them with the development team. I'd be glad to compose something within the SQL Monitor tool, so perhaps the answer is partly "create a custom metric", but I'd need some help knowing how to count "long-running queries detected for <database object>" . We know there's gobs of helpful details once we look at the alerts, but when you're pawing through many alerts, it would be great to focus on "this keeps happening" vs "this happened a lot one day, and then never again, so don't throw a bunch of time at it.". Hope that helps!
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