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SQL Prompt 8.2.5.x's crash dialog causes SSMS to crash whether dialog is sent or cancelled...

I'm using SQL Prompt at the moment, and SSMS 2016. I've noticed behavior that is semi-repeatable which causes SQL Prompt to display a crash/error dialog, and whether or not you send it or cancel it SSMS then also crashes. The circumstances as far as I can tell are when the server I have open in object explorer becomes unresponsive due to lack of resources (ex: I expand columns in Object Explorer in SSMS, and it displays 'Expanding Columns...' for 3 minutes never to actually give me the column list). This is the point where I know I can repeat what will cause SQL Prompt to display the dialog. All I have to do is go in my script (well probably not even that, but if I do I'll notice suggestions have stopped being displayed). I then go to the SQL Prompt menu and click on Refresh Suggestions. This causes the error/crash dialog to appear (I'm attaching a screenshot of what that looks like). The first time this happened I filled out the dialog and hit send. Instantly SSMS crashed upon hitting send. Days later when I reproduced the error I hit cancel on the SQL Prompt dialog, and SSMS still crashed. I'm also attaching my event viewer entries from both times I've had this happen.

Thanks in advance!
-Brian Johnson


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    Michael ClarkMichael Clark Posts: 123 Silver 4
    edited November 21, 2017 11:06AM
    Hi @bmjohnson82,

    Thanks very much for cross-posting this message to the forum.

    As mentioned before, we can see your error appearing on our error reporting system here (not public) so it's certainly unexpected behaviour.

    I will ask our support team to create a ticket for you to begin the investigation process.

    Michael Clark
    Technical Lead, SQL Monitor
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