Link database to source control (git) hangs

Just upgraded to SQL Source 6. Linking database to to source control is stuck on 9%. Have performance issues linking databases to source control been reported? Any known fixes?


  • Which version of SQL Source Control and Git? I haven't seen this. Is this an empty repo or one that you've pulled down source from a remote that is in SQL Source Control format?
  • Tim86Tim86 Posts: 6 New member
    I was about to post on here that I had the exact same issue (stuck on 9% forever).  But then it finally finished after 10-15 minutes.  I thought I would post here anyway for the benefit of anyone else that sees this.  I have SQL Source Control version 6.1.8.  Heads up, the initial Commit took a long time, as well, so be patient if you think it is hung.
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