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Transfer SQL Backup License

Trying to get details on transferring SQL Backup license. We are getting ready to do an OS and SQL refresh on one of our SQL Servers. What is the best method to transfer SQL Backup license to the new server? Advise?

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    noob2016noob2016 Posts: 22 Bronze 3
    edited November 16, 2017 3:29PM
    Thank you @dOCTOClone for the information.
    Just to confirm - my current license will continue to work on the old server. On my new server, I will have to use "trial" version to restore from the old server's backups when I build the database. Once everything is build and the new server goes online, I'll deactivate from old server and activate license on new server. Does that sound right?

    If yes, will the "trial" version function like licensed product?

    Thank you.
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    Hi @noob2016 yes this is correct. The trial version is not function-limited fortunately however if you have any difficulties with the switchover or the product says "trial has expired", get in touch with support@red-gate.com who will be able to provide any help and even an extra temporary key which will cover you for 2 weeks whilst the switchover is carried out.
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    noob2016noob2016 Posts: 22 Bronze 3
    Just want to log in to thank you, dOCTOClone. Worked without any issues.
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    Glad it all worked out @noob2016 :-) have a great week!
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