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when i link database to source control (GIT), Red-Gate Source control create directory tree (Functions, Stored Procedures, Tables, Views ect.). My database team is used to divide procedures into subdirectories according to their usage patterns. In our control system we created subdirectories like StoredProcs\Customer for procedures working with customers, StoredProcs\Produts for procs working with products ect. Is it possible to customize directory tree for individual objects in Red-gate Source control or is this planed ?

(I am not talking about database schemas, just ability to custom split object files in source control directory)


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  • way0utwestway0utwest Posts: 310 Rose Gold 1
    It's not possible to customize the tree right now. We put all the objects in the folder as a flat format, which is the same format used by Compare, DLM, etc. I'm not sure this is something we'd want to support as how would you designate the procedures in SSMS as being in a folder? We link from SSMS to a similar structure in the VCS.
  • HermesHermes Posts: 4 New member
    Thank you Steve.
    A larger number of files in a single directory may be unclear. Especially if we have 10,000 stored procedures in one database.
    Perhaps it would be worthwhile implementing a solution similar to the SQLTreeo Add-In, custom folders and grouping objects in object explorer.

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