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SQL Compare is very slow when compare to SQL Compare

Dear All

We have the application Built using SQL Compare SDK. In recent time we upgraded from 11.0 to 11.6 and found the huge slowness while doing the DB Sync.

Please review the statistics below.
TargetDB size: 47 GB.
Time taken by SQL Compare 11.0: 8 minutes
Time taken by SQL Compare 11.6: 24 minutes

We upgraded our application to use 11.6 to support SQL Server 2016 databases. But we end up with slowness issue now.

In the 11.6 version of SQL Compare, it generates the SQL script while the old one 11.0 generate the DLL. Is this slowness triggered by the changes done at the SQL Compare side (OR) we have to do anything while upgrading to 11.6 which we do not now.

Please assist us to get this resolved.

Thanking you
Marimuthu Sakthivel


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    Hi @Marimuthu

    I don't know of any issues between 11 and 11.6 that would cause slowness - I'm not sure what you mean about 11.0 generating a DLL vs 11.6 generating a script; I haven't used v11.0, but my understanding is that a deployment script was always created.

    The latest version of the SQL Comparison SDK is v12.4 (download here) so it may be worth trying that version as well.

    I also want to clarify whether you are trying to use the DLL from the "SQL Compare 11" install or those from the "SQL Comparison SDK 11" folder?

    I should also point out that the SQL Comparison SDK has been retired and you should look into moving your process to DLM Automation, either utilizing the DLM process itself or the ability to use the command line versions of SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare that a SQL Toolbelt license provides.

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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