How to reset DEVPATH changes???


I installed .Net Reflector 9.0 (later upgraded to 9.2) and tried to generate PDB's for non GAC assemblies. I got the warning regarding DEVPATH and the changes that will be done in machine configuration. The warning also said that I will be able to rollback by using the "reset DEVPATH" from the menu.
The trouble is THERE IS NO "RESET DEVPATH" option on my menu, and ,my visual studio 2015 is now pretty much broken.

How can I rollback?
Help please.



  • OrenBOrenB Posts: 2 New member
    Update: My entire visual studio/.Net runtime environment was ruined because of this software.
    I had to format my machine.
    I suggest everyone to stay away from this lousy software!
  • Since you've formatted your computer obviously we're not going to be able to do any troubleshooting here, so sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    If anyone else does see this problem please let us know by email as it won't be missed until its too late.
  • Joer00Joer00 Posts: 1 New member
    Same issue here !! Email support  ? I have no time to wait for answers, need to fix this as cant work ! 
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