comparing databases get hanged at registering source database

After I upgrade from sql compare version 9 to 13.1, I got a hanged screen at Registering source database and target database (99%). I work once and most of the time I got hanged. I left the screen for over one hours then I had to end it.
Can you please advice what I can do to solve? does re-install it help? should I install .net framework 4.6.1 first then SQL compare? I have window 7. Thanks.


  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Sorry to hear that @khanh_duong!

    SQL Compare 13 does require .NET 4.6.1, so if this isn't installed already, can you kindly go ahead and install it?

    If the problem remains, however, can you please:

    - Enable verbose logging from Help>Logging>Minimum log level
    - Restart SQL Compare and reproduce the issue
    - Let it run for about 15 minutes or so
    - Send across the latest log file in %localappdata%\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Compare

    Thank you!

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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