Restoring to logshipping destination server what am I doing wrong?

Excuse me, my DBA hat is a bit dusty, could you please tell me what I am doing wrong...
The Trans log backups on my primary server, we'll call it T100 failed on Saturday afternoon. Not sure what the error was, but a full backup resolved that piece. However, the gap in Trans logs caused the log shipping restore on the warm backup (we'll call it T101) to fail.
I have copied the latest full backup to the T101 server, disabled the log restore job, and tried to restore the latest backup. I get a 'directory cannot be accessed' error message. I think perhaps this is due to the database being in standby/read only. However, it will not let me take it back out of read only, saying it is a warm standby.
Could someone please tell me what steps I should take to be able to get the log shipping back up to date?
Do I need to disable the log shipping via the primary T100?
Thanks in advance!


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