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Re-fire or re-check alerts

Can I get SQL Monitor to re-check alerts?

The situation I have is that I was setting up SQL Monitor for a new server, and as soon as data collection was correctly configured, a whole host of alerts fired, such as 'Backup Overdue' for a couple of obsolete databases.

Initially all the fired alerts where cleared down as we were not 'ready' to start actively monitoring, nor to start dealing with alerts, however now we are. And I would like to get those alerts back on the list of things to fix.

Also thinking about this - these type of alerts are the ones that can move from Active to Ended, and it might be useful to configure these in such a way that if they stay Active for a given period, then they re-fire. I understand that is what the multiple thresholds can be used for (especially if the thresholds define time periods) but in this case I may already be at High, there is no further threshold to hit, and I still want to be notified.

Best Answer

  • Dan BDan B Posts: 287 Gold 5
    Hi kevriley,

    This functionality isn't supported.

    You can configure the thresholds so you get an email from low to medium or medium to high. But currently, there is no second email if an alert is active for x duration.

    The best you can achieve currently is to filter from the alerts tab to get the list of ended alerts to go back through.

    We agree this would be useful, and we're currently working on improvements to the alerts so we'll consider this as we go. Thanks for the suggestion (adding this to UserVoice might help force it onto our backlog if it gets enough votes!)
    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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