Error while comparing: Unkown Type sys.time

KraaitjeKraaitje Posts: 2 New member
edited October 27, 2017 1:38PM in SQL Data Compare
I have two databases I want to compare. After some seconds, I get an error: Unkown Type Sys.Time ... Pretty strange. We are using SQL 2008R2 with version



  • Hello,

    I'm sorry to hear you're hitting a problem!

    Have you managed to successfully compare these two databases before you started seeing this error? If so, has anything changed recently in the schema?
  • KraaitjeKraaitje Posts: 2 New member
    Yes it worked before but I cannot see what column is causing the issue. I never heard of data type sys.time :cry:
  • That's interesting. Do you have any records for checking what has changed in your database schemas since they was last successfully compared? Have any of the column types been changed? I'm thinking maybe it's a time column type ( that isn't being handled properly, which would also explain why you're seeing the error on the 'Remap Objects' tab.

    As an alternative, is it possible for you to upgrade to the latest Data Compare version? We are now on version 13.1.1; version of Data Compare is over 10 years old. There have been a lot of improvements throughout the later versions which may have already handled the issue you are seeing.
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