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Our application consists of many producer consumer models. So there will be a producer thread, and there will be several consumer threads. The producer threads run at set intervals to grab work from a queue. When they are not running they are in a Thread.Sleep().

When I attach the profiler it is largely dominated by the timings related to these thread sleeps. What is the best way to exclude certain sections of code from being sampled by the profiler, or perhaps what is the best way to filter them out once they have been sampled?


  • You can filter these out of the call tree by right clicking the method itself and using the hide menu.

    See for more information.
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  • synsyn Posts: 3 New member
    Even if I filter out the entire namespace, the root of the namespace still appears and adversely effects the % calculations.
  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,019 Diamond 3
    edited October 30, 2017 9:53AM
    Hmm let me ask you this question then.

    If you filter something out of a set of results, do you think that any totals/calculations displayed should still take those things into consideration? Or do you think that as you're filtering things out you would want them discounted? Sounds like the latter to me but its best just to clarify.

    I personally think that both situations apply in different circumstances. Calculations could be meaningful if they don't still take all numbers into consideration, but perhaps that is the reason you're applying filtering and we need to have a think about that logic.

    Can you email your results in to support with some background information?
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  • synsyn Posts: 3 New member
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    Hi Russell, thanks for the response. I would like to have the calculations discounted when I filter out a specific scope. The namespaces I'm filtering account for well over 96% of total timings sampled. Granted I can still sort descending and see the general order, but it would be preferred to have the visual representation available too.
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