SQL Trace File - high activity

When I expand a database in the SSMS tree, the for blue and green icon for Source Control spins.
As soon as that happens, my SQL server starts to do a lot of reads from the log_123.trc file.
When I disconnect from the database, the reads stop.
The reads are sometimes rise above 600kb/s.
I am wondering if this is normal and why it is needed.

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  • David AtkinsonDavid Atkinson Posts: 1,406 Rose Gold 2
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    You should be able to uncheck this in the Setup tab (in Global Options). The option is called Indicate changed objects in the Object Explorer.
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  • SQL Source Control uses SQL Server's default trace to understand which objects have been modified, which is how it knows where to place the blue indicators.
    David Atkinson
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  • CoreyLapkaCoreyLapka Posts: 3 New member
    Is there a way to turn this off temporarily ?
    I'd like to just check for changes twice a week without impacting the server all the time.
  • CoreyLapkaCoreyLapka Posts: 3 New member
    After 60 seconds it stopped accessing the trace files.
    With a default refresh rate or 25 seconds, no wonder it never was able to stop reading.
    With nearly 3000 stored procedures, it is no surprise that it takes so long

    Thank you for your help
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