Why are SQL prompt and Source control not shown after upgrade ssms 2014 to ssms 2016?

I had been using SSMS 2014 and I have Redgate tools installed including SQL Prompt and Source Control. But when I open SSMS 2016 they are not shown. What do I need to do to get them connected to SSMS 2016?


  • tthronetthrone Posts: 3 New member
    Update - I attempted to "Repair" Source Control from the Control Panel. It returned a failure, but when I opened SSMS 2016, I saw the Source Control plug-in and it appears to be working.
  • tthronetthrone Posts: 3 New member
    Final solution for me - I opened the older version of SSMS in which the SQL Prompt and Source Control still worked, and I used the Help menu to check for updates. I downloaded and installed both app updates and that fixed my problem across all SSMS/Redgate levels.
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