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I'm in a discussion with my team about one of our databases versioning. We currently have a shared development database where all changes committed to TFS. We'd like to migrate to Git and I'm advocating to move into a dedicated development model because that's how Git is designed to work. My team wants to migrate to Git and keep shared development model and I'm against that.

What would be strong arguments not to use Git in a shared development model?

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    SQL Source Control does not support the shared model when using Git because we agree with you - it doesn't make sense to use a shared development database with a distributed version control system. The shared model relies on having a 1:1 mapping between the shared database and a single central repository version (like in SVN or TFS).
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    Git support in SQL Source Control is poor. TFS Git doesn't work and we had issues with "Get Latest" trying to resurrect old changes. Redgate has ignored Git bugs and focused on TFVC, even 6 is still broken.
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    @enoch I know it's poor. But I'm asking about using Git (doesn't matter whether it's GitHub, Gitlab, TFS Git) on shared development model.
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