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Crash if deploying too many tables

PaulOckendenPaulOckenden Posts: 8 New member
edited October 25, 2017 12:30PM in SQL Compare
I have several thousand tables. Using SQL Compare (and then data compare) to move the data to a new database.

If I select more than approx 500 tables at a time I've noticed that SQL Compare just crashes and quite shortly after I hit the Deploy button (while it's generating the SQL). It seems find if I do the deployment in smaller batches, but that's a pain - it means a take that should take minutes ends up taking hours because I have to keep re-running the thing.

Any ideas how to stop it crashing? I'm using the latest build, BTW.


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    Sorry to hear you're having issues here - SQL Compare usually takes a while to deploy large numbers of tables but we've successfully tested it with several thousand of them; perhaps your database is unusually complex in some way.

    Did you get a crash report dialog and were you able to send the report? Did you notice any other symptoms e.g. very high memory usage?
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    No crash report - the application just quits. Memory usage was quite high (10-15Gb), but I often see much higher usage with Data Compare, so I don't think that's it.
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    Can you upload the schema for the source? Maybe script out and rename anything that might be NDA. It would be good to test this. Also, which Compare version?
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