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Script Verification Failed

PeteMPeteM Posts: 6 New member
I've got a very odd set of related problems. Scenario is I created a ReadyRoll Core project on my workstation, ran through some tests against copies of test and live db and got to the point I was happy with how things where going. I then marked the baseline scripts as deployed to the real test db. Then I checked in the project.

A colleague cloned the repository and added a script, he deployed the project to the real test db and the deploy included the baseline scripts which we were not expecting.

Now we are getting a Script Verification Failed error which is again referring to the baseline script which as it has already been deployed I would not have expected to be verified at all, however even allowing for that I don't understand why we would be getting the error as the specific code (a user creation) is guarded by a check for existence.

I've fixed the problem by commenting out the offending script lines which is fine as it was the baseline but I am concerned as to why this happened and how to make sure it does not happen again.


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    I had the same issue. The scripts are verified against the shadow database. Not your development database.
    The shadow Database is a DB created by ready roll that holds only the schema and data from all your scripts. So there would most likely be inserts missing from your baseline scripts that is in your test data. Therefore it will run successfully on your dev database but not in the shadow. Most likely a foreign key table that your insert references.

    I am still struggling with the best way to get all our test data into ready roll to solve issues like this.
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    PeteMPeteM Posts: 6 New member
    Hi Robert

    Don't think that is our problem because as mentioned it was a SQL user creation so there is no dependency on anything else apart from the database existing - does not even need tables. Also the create is guarded by a check for existence so that line of script should not have even run
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