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Does SQL Compare supports SQL Server 2017 DB?

Dear All

We are using SQL Compare SDK to deploy the DB schema and data.

SQL Compare Engine dll version -

While looking at the release notes of SQL Compare 11.6, we could not find the SQL Server 2017 in the requirements DB list. However we found it is working against SQL Server 2017 database.

We like to check with other Developers in this forum to confirm the support of SQL Server 2017 DB from SQL Compare 11 version.

Thanking you
Marimuthu Sakthivel

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    sam.blackburnsam.blackburn Posts: 224 Gold 2
    SQL Compare 11 is an old version which only officially supports SQL Server 2014; IIRC this was the latest SQL Server version at the time. SQL Compare 11 will connect to later versions of SQL Server, although it will not handle later database features correctly (for example temporal tables, for which support was only added in version 12).

    You may also be interested in using DLM Automation, a command line tool for comparing and deploying databases. It should be easier to upgrade since you won't have to compile against it.
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    MarimuthuMarimuthu Posts: 3 New member
    Dear Sam

    Thanks for your clarification, we are not using any SQL server features such as temporal tables, and others. So we are good with SQL Compare 11.

    Regarding the DLM Automation, we read little bit about DLM automation and need to spend more time on this to start upgrade our application.

    Thanking you
    Marimuthu Sakthivel

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