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Intermittent error on upgrade

When upgrading tools such as SQL Prompt and SQL Source Control, I occasionally get a permission error during the install that states the pkgdef file cannot be accessed. Sometimes it's the SSMS plugins folder, other times in VS2017 or VS2015. My user has full permissions to the folders in question. My only workaround is to completely uninstall the tool and reinstall.

Have you seen this happening with other users?

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    Hi @spivonious ,

    Do you have anti-virus software running? Can you please make sure the relevant folders are excluded by anti-virus software and test again?
    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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    spivoniousspivonious Posts: 14 Bronze 2
    Hi @Tianjiao_Li,

    I do, but it's under corporate control; I'm unable to exclude certain folders and I highly doubt that the security team here would approve that change.

    Is there anything I can do prior to the upgrade to get past the file lock? It seems to only be locked for short time. Perhaps the installer program could be updated to try accessing the file again after a short wait.
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