Using sql data compare to compare data in one table

I am trying to do some regression testing. I have restored a production database in my testing environment. I have made my changes and now I want to re-run scheduling processes and compare them with what ran previously in production to verify they match.

So in this case I have multiple rows in the same table. I do not want to use the primary key to compare data.

My issue is, I want to add a where clause when comparing the two data sets. So I am trying to compare the same table in the same database, but on one side I am just looking at the rows where the headerID = 1 and on the other side I am just comparing to rows where the headerID = 2.

There is another field in the table to link the two rows, I can see how to set that.

Also is there any way to ignore certain fields in the compare. In this case I want to ignore the primary key since it won't be the same.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on how to do this that would be great.



  • Hello!
    Go into the Tables & views tab when you edit your project. On the left you have a link to set the key you want to match the rows in your tables with. On the right you have a link to choose which columns that should be compared to determine whether the rows are different.

    Hope this helps on the way.

    Best regards,
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