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Building sql package using docker

I'm in the process of switching to using docker for CI builds rather than installing build tools directly onto build agents.

Is there a docker image that already has the necessary ReadyRoll tooling installed?

If not, can you advice what tooling would be required inside of the container?

For reference, here's a similar image that has dacpac installed to build a sql database project inside of docker: https://github.com/sixeyed/dockerfiles-windows/blob/master/msbuild/netfx-4.5.2-ssdt/Dockerfile


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    dnlnlndnlnln Posts: 234 Gold 2
    Apologies for the delay in responding.

    Though we don't have a docker image available, installing tools directly onto build agents can be avoided by installing the ReadyRoll.MSBuild NuGet package into your solution. This should be sufficient to build your solution and produce a ReadyRoll package, which can then be deployed through your release management tool.

    Other than that, there are also some basic requirements for the docker image that you use to perform the ReadyRoll builds, such as having .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed.
    Daniel Nolan
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