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SQL Prompt expired - now SSMS Intellisense not working

FrangoochFrangooch Posts: 3 New member
edited October 13, 2017 7:09PM in SQL Prompt
We purchased a subscription to Redgate SQL Source Control. It came with a trial of SQL Prompt which has expired. We are not planning to purchase SQL Prompt. However, since the expiration the intellisense in my SSMS no longer works even though it's enabled. How do we re-enable intellisense?

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    hi @Frangooch,
    try this guide. However, you can enable it pressing the intellisense button into SSMS 4UQt4.png
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    FrangoochFrangooch Posts: 3 New member
    One of the first things we checked was making sure the SSMS settings for Intellisense were selected correctly, which they are. We verified both the menu Query --> Intellisense option as well as menu Tools --> Options --> Transact-SQL --> Intellisense.

    Still does not auto-suggest. However if I key CTRL+J Intellisense will display a list of fields. The Intellisense was working fine before the SQL Prompt install. Re-install SSMS is our next step but was hoping there might be an easier answer.

    Red Gate: for reference if you care to look into and fix the issue: SSMS version 13.0.16106.4 connecting to SQL Server 2016.
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