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Brackets when scripting stored procedures

ggeierggeier Posts: 30 Bronze 2
Is there any way to disable adding brackets around the database, schema, and stored procedure name when scripting a stored procedure? SQL Prompt is adding it in, even though the stored procedure itself doesn't have them, as showed in sys.sql_modules.

Scripting an SP:



  • way0utwestway0utwest CO, USA Posts: 307 Rose Gold 1
    This isn't SQL Prompt, at least, not necessarily. If you right click a procedure and choose script, you get SSMS defaults. If I do that, I get this:

    If I then reformat with SQL Prompt (CTRL+K, y), I get this:

    I have my formatting set to not use extra brackets

  • ggeierggeier Posts: 30 Bronze 2
    You're right, I just tested this by uninstalling SQL Prompt. I feel bad for accusing SQL Prompt for a crime that it didn't commit. :(

    Is there any way to have SQL Prompt automatically remove brackets in the database/schema/object name when scripting objects? I know I can use shortcuts like "ctrl+BB", but if it could do it automatically it'd make me very, very happy.
  • Hi @ggeier,

    There isn't a way to do this at the moment, I'm sorry to say, but can you please post a request for this to our UserVoice forum:

    Thank you!
  • way0utwestway0utwest CO, USA Posts: 307 Rose Gold 1
    Well, Prompt get remove if you reformat (CTRL+K,Y). As for removing on scripting, that's an SSMS function. We can't jump into that. Now, the Prompt menu with script as alter might be able to tag this together with a format, but I'm not sure. I think this is just calling the SSMS function.

    Is there a reason reformatting doesn't work?
  • ggeierggeier Posts: 30 Bronze 2
    SQL Prompt will script without brackets (if the SP doesn't have them) when scripting as long as I use F12 -- this is exactly what I'd like to happen. It looks like scripting from the object explorer will always add in the brackets.

    I generally like ctrl+ky, but I like some SPs just the way they are, so I'd like to keep the code formatting the way it is by default.
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