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Static data is not being deployed


Having some issues with deployment my static data. I created a Primary Key on my and in the same checkin I marked the table as "static data". It seems like the newly added rows inside the table are not being deployed properly.

I use Octopus deploy to do this but get the following error:

Use-DlmDatabaseRelease : Post-update schema check failed: the schema in the Database Release object (created at
10/12/2017 10:33:20 AM +02:00) and database 'Test' on server 'Test' are different, or static data is different.

When I use guided failure mode and Data Compare the 2 database I see that my last 3 records that I added to source control are not in the destination database.

I checked my Source Control folder, the "Table_data.sql" file included the newly added.

What am I missing?

T im


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    Hi T im,

    I would start by using SQL Data Compare and compare the scripts folder in the nuget package with the target DB and attempt to deploy. This should replicate the issue and provide you more detail.

    The nuget package can be opened with any tool that handles zip files and the scripts folder will be in db\state.

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