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Deactivate Licenses from Formatted HDD

Hey guys, how is it going?

Long story short, I had a couple of SQL Prompt installed and I wiped the hard drive out without deactivating the licences. Now whenever I try to activate the licence on another machine, I get the "You exceeded the number of activation for this licence".

I also tried to install the SQL Management and activate SQL Prompt on the exactly same machine and activate it. Same message.

Does anyone knows how to reset the counter for the licences or just deactivate the previously installed?

Cheers mates!


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    rjdudleyrjdudley Posts: 15 Silver 2
    You just need to go to My Account >> My Products. Find your product, and click "Manage". You can then remove licensed users. You should then be able to install and re-register and be good to go.
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