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How can I use a ready roll shadow database in Azure?

The error I get currently when syncing my azure database with my project:

The shadow database cannot be deployed to an instance of Microsoft Azure SQL.

Now I am using partitioning which is only available to me in azure as I don't have, or want, SQL enterprise locally at the moment. I want to just use the cloud.
Also I can't seem to find an option to turn off the shadow database requirement just for the sync.

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    AdamBAdamB Posts: 22 Bronze 4
    The shadow database is required for the script generation process, so without it you'll need to author migrations manually. As the shadow can't be deployed to Azure, you'll need access to an instance of SQL Server in order to sync.
    Adam Bowden,
    Software Engineer, RedGate Software


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    paulhpaulh Posts: 35 Bronze 2
    Bear in mind that SQL Developer Edition is free and contains all the features of Enterprise, so you can use that to get around the problem
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    As mentioned by others, unfortunately ReadyRoll does not support hosting the shadow database on Azure at this stage.

    For this reason, when importing a database from SQL Azure, ReadyRoll now automatically sets the shadow database to deploy to a local instance of SQL Server. This is (localdb)\ProjectsV13 by default but this can be configured if you need to set this to something else. For more information, see Connecting to a database hosted on Azure.
    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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