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Add/Migrate SQL Toolbelt Essentials to SSMS 2016

I currently have SQL Toolbelt Essentials installed and working with SSMS 2012. Recently, I installed SSMS 2016 on the same machine but do not see any of the SQLToolbelt Essentials features displayed or active in the new SSMS 2016. I reran the SQLToolbelt Essentials installer hoping to find a "repair" or "reinstall" option but none was given (just Back, Next, and Cancel buttons with no ability to select/deselect any options - all disabled / grayed out and listed as "Already Installed"). Can you tell me how to get my already installed SQL Toolbelt Essentials features working under the newly installed SSMS 2016?


  • Hi There.

    You'll need to uninstall the products and then reinstall (this is the easiest way to get everything added to the correct directories for he new version of SSMS).

    Hope that helps but let us know if that doesn't resolve the issue.
    Kind regards,
    Matthew Wray
    Customer Support Specialist | Redgate Software
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