How to set a break point

I have just installed the pro version af Reflector and runned a exe file.
The file runs fine so it does not break.

How do I see the sourcecode in Visual studio so I can insert a breakpoint?
Right now VS is just empty.

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    Hi @Nikosax!

    I've made an example on debugging an .exe below:

    Suppose I want to debug ConsoleApplication136.exe which lives on my desktop..
    1. Start VS with .NET reflector installed

    2. Create a new class library project (or other project type but I’d use a class library)


    3. Change the debug properties to point to the executable on the desktop

    4. At this point, pressing F5 should run the executable.
    5. Add the application as a reference to the project, and then right-click on it to enable debugging


    6. Since the EXE is a reference in the solution, it will show up in the Reflector Object Browser (.NET Reflector > .NET Reflector Object Browser), and you can use that to browse the source code and add a breakpoint as needed.

    7. Then pressing F10 will launch and step into the executable


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  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 950 Rose Gold 1
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    No problem, hope that helps!
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