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The new .doc type is great! But...

JimFJimF Posts: 49 Bronze 3
edited December 11, 2008 5:57AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions

I just installed my new SQL Doc 2 and I think the new .doc type is great!!

Now, I have a suggestion or two :D .
  1. How about a "legend" to explain what the different symbols mean to someone who is looking at a printed document. Since I can't take my finger and hover over the printed "gold" key and see what that means, it would be helpful. I am talking about something generic, not necessarily the details that come up in the tool tips.
  2. The colored keys are a nice touch, and meaningful… but they loose a little meaning when printed on a gray scale laser (gold and gray look very similar). How about some alternate icons or text for those who can’t print on a color printer?


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    Thanks for the feedback on the .doc support!

    Your suggestions are now on our list for the next version, and apologies for the lack of differentiation of the keys in gray scale - a bit of an oversight there:-(
    Charles Brown
    Red Gate Software
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