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List of data generators?

Could you include a simple list of generators in the online documentation?
I am fighting a rear guard action against decision makers with little DB experience who want to use the Python Faker library rather than Data Generator.
The Red-Gate Data Generator ability to respect foreign keys should have been the winning argument but we live in strange times and stranger decisions.

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    Dave60103Dave60103 Posts: 39 Silver 2
    Thanks Steve, I was thinking more on the lines of the pre-canned patterns under the headings
    • Personal
    • Geographical
    • Shopping
    • Payment
    I have the full list now and am using it to build my POC.
    The POC is to use Red-Gate data generator to populate SQL2017 Express on Linux as a component to provide test data for other non-Microsoft systems.


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    I've passed along the request. The list is:

    CSV - Use values in a CSV as random values
    File Import - Import files into a column, useful for images or BLOB values
    File List - Import values from a text file.
    Python script - Generate data using a Python script
    Regexp - Generate values with a regular expression
    Simple expression - One line expression that selects from another table, a Python function or a C# DateTime method
    SQL Statement - Use a SELECT statement to return data
    SQL FK - Use a column in another table as a FK
    SQL defaults - use the default for a column
    Text Shuffler - random shuffle of text you enter
    Weighted List - list of values weighted by a ratio
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