Upgrading SQL Clone

I'm about to upgrade from v2.0.3.6857 to the latest release.
I can't find any documentation regarding this process.

Do I just download and install the upgrade on the server and also upgrade all agent by downloading the new version from the SQL Clone server web interface or are there any other steps i need to do?


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  • RichardMacaskillRichardMacaskill Posts: 6 Bronze 2
    You just download and install the upgrade on the server. The agents take care of themselves with a silent update (you can check on their progress in the Machines tab of the SQL Clone web application).

    We'll look at making this clearer in the documentation.

    Thanks for posting, Mattias.


  • lpedersenlpedersen Posts: 3 New member
    I am still unable to find any upgrade instructions in the documentation. How is the "silent update" of the agents performed? Do the agents get their updates from the clone server, or the internet? 
  • owen.hallowen.hall Posts: 57 Silver 4
    edited June 12, 2019 11:28AM
    Hi lpedersen,
    When a Clone agent connects to its Clone server (for example, after the Clone server has restarted following an update), it will query the server to determine if it needs to update itself. If it does, it will download an updated version of itself from the Clone server (not from the Internet), and update itself using that.
    If an agent isn't able to update itself, that'll be highlighted on the dashboard within the summary widget, and on the Machines page in Settings. In that case, manually downloading an agent installer from the Clone server and installing it onto that machine (i.e. the same process used to install it in the first place) should solve the issue.
    Hope that helps - I'll take a look at the documentation and make sure there's something there about this process.
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