Using SQL Compare to generate DB in Docker

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edited September 29, 2017 8:33AM in SQL Compare

We're creating Docker containers with sql server on them, and we want the docker containers to fetch all databases from GIT and create them. However, we can't find a good solution to this.
We are now looking at running t-sql statements to create empty databases when containers are built, and then sync the databases with sqlcompare tool from host to docker-container. But SqlCompare is not able to sync/deploy databases when "stored procedures" have referances to other databases, e.g:

From DB2.dbo.SomeTable

In our case DB1 and DB2 are both referencing each other, so we can't create them in a manual order.

Is there a flag in SQLCompare that can ignore checks on other tables ?
Maybe there's another way of doing this that we're not seeing.. Any help would be great!



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