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Our company has a licence(1) for the SDK. I followed the instructions on how to include the license.licx in a Visual Studio project. The documentation states that when compiling (I assume it is the same as building) a pop up window will appear where I can put the licence number. I did not get the pop up window.

Running the application displays a message that it was build with an unlicensed version of the SDK. Ideas??? Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @pcflores58

    In theory it should pop up the window to let you enter the serial key for activation at that point, but there are also alternate ways to activate.

    If you are using SQL Comparison SDK v12 there is a welcome application named "SQL Comparison SDK V12 Getting Started". If you run this and then click on Help > Manage license it will let you activate the machine at this point.

    Alternatively, if your license is a SQL Toolbelt license that includes the Comparison SDK you could install SQL Compare and activate the key via SQL Compare, which will activate both SQL Compare and the SQL Comparison SDK (and any other products installed on the machine).

    Once you've done this, the project should license correctly as long as you have embedded the licenses.licx file as described in the documentation here (depending on what project type you have).

    I hope that helps!

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