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Replacement for SQL Comparison SDK

RecySystemsRecySystems Posts: 2 New member
edited September 26, 2017 12:49PM in DLM Automation

Which tool could work as a replacement for SQL Comparison SDK in the following scenario.

We use DLM automation for internal development.

Our customers have own databeses, that we update incrementally in bundle with our software. Sometimes incremental updates not working as expected, so we would like to check the database schema (and some master data) after update, that the updated state corresponds with the expected one.

Which tool can we use for this purpose as part of our setup / update?

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    DLM automation is the replacement for the SDK. What do you mean by the incremental update doesn't work? Do you not get an error report from DLM that helps? Or are you wanting the entire schema of the target (client) db?
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    The incremental updates work the most of time.

    Some of our customers does updates not really often. So we want to check the schema consistency (and some data, that we deploy with the database) after the update. With this check we want a guaranty, that the database is valid (we have over 600 tables and over 3000 views + triggers and jobs in our application).

    DLM works fine on our CI at the moment.
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