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SQL Compare question: Static data of the source db was not part of the generated deploy script.

Run SQL Compare to generate deploy script from one db to another, but static data was not part of the script (target db was empty db (no tables, nothing))

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    AlessandroAlpiAlessandroAlpi Posts: 91 Gold 2
    Hi @RitaR,
    SQL Compare does the ddl comparison (CREATE TABLE, PROCEDURE, FUNCTION, and so on). This means that the generated script involves only the structures, not data. If you want to compare data, you've to use SQL Data Compare.

    That said, you're speaking bout "static data" which is the term used by SQL Source Control for "linked" records. This tool allows you to store into your version control also the INSERT of the data of tables, but it is separated from the comparison tools concepts. They should be used both for comparing structures and data, but they don't depend on how your SQL Source Control is set.
    If your goal is to "deploy" the artifacts created by SQL Source Control, you've to use DLM Automation tool or to create a nuget package (that could be used in deployment tools)
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