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Format wants to capitalize the OPENJSON "key" column to "Key"

I can't for the life of me find out how to stop SQL Prompt from formatting the built-in column name of "key" (must be all lower-case in my BIN2 collation for it to work) to the camel-case "Key" when I'm using a SELECT [key] FROM OPENJSON(). Is this a bug?


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    Number2Number2 Posts: 4 New member
    Now that I mention it, the [value] column also gets CamelCased to [Value] every time too.
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    James RJames R Posts: 104 Silver 4
    Hey @Number2 ,

    Just to check, have you tried turning off the formatting option under Global > Casing > User-defined objects > Use object definition case? I think that the Key and Value columns are declared as camel-case.

    If this doesn't help then let me know!
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    Number2Number2 Posts: 4 New member
    When I turn that off, then it casts them as all uppercase instead of camel.
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    way0utwestway0utwest Posts: 313 Rose Gold 1
    edited September 25, 2017 4:55PM
    Which version of SQL Prompt? If I turn off the option for user defined objects, I get things formatted as:

    DECLARE @json NVARCHAR(4000)
    = N'{
    "name" : { "firstname":"Steve", "lastname":"Jones"} ,
    "Sites":{ "primary":"SQLServerCentral", "secondary":"tsqltuesday.com"}
    SELECT [key] FROM OPENJSON(@json) AS oj
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    Number2Number2 Posts: 4 New member
    OK, I see what's happening...we've got two things causing this. One is the formatting from CTRL+K,CTRL+Y and the other is the inline-formatting/replacing feature like when you have SELECT * FROM OPENJSON() and then hit TAB when you're on that * to have it auto-expand that star into the columns. That one will also convert them to Key Value camel.

    So, with USER-DEFINED OBJECTS -> USE OBJECT DEFINITION CASE as UNCHECKED, the CTRL+K, CTRL+Y formatting does NOT exhibit this problem, but the TAB expansion of columns where it replaces text as you're typing, that DOES still camel case it for me.

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