How clear tab history data?

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my tab history cache data are incorrect, the "last closed" time is wrong, and if open it, the code is old, so I want clear all of [tab history]'s data, like first time, I try remove "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 8\tabhis*.db"(I forgot the name), it's just clear [Open] list, but [All tabs] still has item, how clear all data? please help.

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  • James RJames R Posts: 104 Silver 4
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    Hi @ahdung,

    If you navigate to [All tabs] and right-click on an item that isn't currently open you can choose "Remove tabs older than this" which should remove all of the tabs you want :)

    If this doesn't work then let me know and we'll look into a different solution.

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