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SQL Monitor integration

DLyesDLyes Posts: 16 Bronze 1
edited September 21, 2017 3:16AM in DLM Automation
I created my first VSTS Release process and have used the "Deploy database changes from a database release" operation to deploy to a UAT server.
The release is working, with the schema updates deploying successfully, artifacts created etc. So far so good.

I was hoping that this information would get picked up by our SQL Monitor install as per this hub article: https://www.red-gate.com/hub/product-learning/sql-monitor/unearthing-bad-deployments-sql-monitor-redgates-database-devops-tools

But it doesn't show up in SQL Monitor...

I can confirm the following things:
  • SQL Monitor is the latest version (was only installed last week).
  • I installed the latest DLM Automation 2 version this morning, but it still doesn't appear to work.
  • Both are set up with our Toolbelt licence.
  • The deployment SQL user is a sysadmin on that server.
  • I can't see any updates to the VSTS plugins - will there need to be for this to work?

I am not sure what else to check / update. Any advice would be greatly received :smile:

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    Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    Take a look manually first at the SQL Server log to see if you see any of the integration entries there. To do that, on the target machine, run:
    EXEC sys.sp_readerrorlog 0, 1, 'Redgate'​.

    If there are no entries then the logging simply isn't happening.

    If there are entries, then it looks like SQL Monitor is failing to pick them up. If you look in the alert.Annotation​ table within the SQL Monitor repository, you'd expect to see entries for this
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    DLyesDLyes Posts: 16 Bronze 1
    I'm not sure what the initial problem was, but I have had another go and have it working now.

    The error log messages weren't being recorded, so must have been something with the DLM Automation side (or permissions) rather than the SQL Monitor side.

    I updated the TFS plugins and DLM Automation 2 to the latest versions, and it is working nicely now :simple smile:
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    Good to hear, thanks for updating the thread.
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