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See the entire history of TFS entries


I have become a huge fan of RG and speak highly of you guys every chance I get. I hate working in other RDBMS that don't have the RG tools set. You guys are a game changer with that being said I think I found an issue and was wondering if you could fix it.

We have recently moved some objects in TFS to a new directory. We use to have them in a VS2005 solution and upgraded to VS2015 solution. When you look at the history in SSMS it only shows the current changes in the folder where as when you look at the history in VS you will see the entire complete history. Below is two screen shots to better show what I am talking about.



I think it would be great to see the entire history within SSMS rather going back to VS. Not a deal breaker, but just something nice to have.

SSMS means Sql Server Management Studio.
VS means Visual Studio.

Thank you and continue to do what your doing!
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