TeamCity Build fails

I am trying to link the static data of one table which is on my Local Instance,to the SourceControl.

After committing the change and Pushing to the SourceControl the TeamCity build Triggers.

But unfortunately it fails with an error:"Cannot insert duplicate key in
[15:53:53][Step 1/5] object [TableName]"

Could anyone please let me know how can i resolve this?

Kind Regards



  • way0utwestway0utwest CO, USA Posts: 297 Rose Gold 1
    The error shown is a SQL error. What is the table definition you have? You should have a PK on this, which possibly conflicts with the insert statements you have.

    You'll need to examine the code for your table data in the /data folder. These should be insert statements, and it's possible that you have a conflict.

    Does your build work with a new, empty database or an existing one? It's possible there's an error there.
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