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SQL Clone Agent Screen Size

I was using a new RDP client from my laptop to install some SQL Clone Agents tonight. As you can see from the screen shot the buttons and top bar are not on the screen and make it hard to navigate.

Screen resolution is 1144x635. I guess the RDP client auto adjusted to that.



  • First thing is to research your RDP tool to see if you can adjust screen size. Failing that, the next best idea is to get a better RDP tool. :-)

    However, for a window that is not maximized you can click the upper left corner of the window and select Move from the drop down menu. So check to see if there is a keystroke combo that will get you that menu so you can get Move selected (with down-arrow and enter) and then you can use down-arrow to reposition the window.
    Kevin G. Boles
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  • I know how to maneuver in windows and the RDP tool does allow for resize.

    My comment was a software application these days should be able to handle screen resolution sizing.
  • That's a good point! We've just released SQL Clone 2.2.4, which should allow this screen to scroll at low resolutions.
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