Are we able to get an updated version of the Compare SDK that supports SQL Server 2016?

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We currently use the Compare SDK in an in-house database upgrade tool. We curently use version 11 of the SQL Compare engine. Is it possible to get / purchase a version that supports SQL Server 2016?



  • Hi Ben,

    Please find the latest versions below which supports SQL Server 2016.
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  • thduthdu Posts: 2 New member
    Will we still need an updated license, if we are on 10.7?
  • Hi @thdu

    Thanks for posting.

    In order to update your license key should still be in date for support and upgrades.

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  • TobiasGTobiasG Posts: 1 New member
    Hi @RichardL,

    I have the same problem that @thdu posted above... we are using Comparison SDK 10.7 and want to upgrade to the latest version in order to be able to work with SQL Server 2016 - but the Comparison SDK is now officially a discontinued product.
    I just installed the EXE file contained in your ZIP archive, but when I try to activate it with my license key, it tells me the following:
    "This serial number is not for this version
    You tried to activate SQL Toolkit 12 standard. This serial number is valid for SQL Toolkit 10 standard."

    You raised my hopes that an upgrade from 10.7 to 12.4 is within the realms of possibility - can you help me to get this to work? I would really appreciate it!
    I don't need any other products than Comparison SDK to be upgraded, if that information is of any importance.

    Thank you in advance,
  • ewew5087ewew5087 Posts: 6 New member

    I had same issue with SDK 11 however I called contact regdate support team. She told me the SDK 11 out support I must call them to enable SDK license key. She removes my license and add my license back to system. I enable my license key from system.  It fixes the license key issue. 

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