How to Ignore All Formatting in Stored Procedures?

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I need to compare two databases that are running the same database but the developer version has been updated. Most of the Stored Procedures (100's) have been formatted to make them more human readable. So they have spaces and new lines (carriage returns) inserted everywhere. When I do a compare, it brings back all Stored Procedures. I've tried looking / playing the options but nothing has helped. This seems a good program but have I missed something?


  • Have you tried the Ignore Whitespace option? If you click "Edit Project" it should be on the "options" tab. You can also ignore other differences such as comments, case and square brackets.

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  • homermlhomerml Posts: 4 New member
    Yep, tried that.
  • Sorry to hear Compare isn't working as you'd expect. Would you mind contacting [email protected] with some more information so we can figure out what's going wrong? It would be useful to have:
    - Some example SQL on both sides that reproduces the issue
    - The version of Compare you are using (this can be seen in the About box on the Help menu).
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  • So this a good example where it's not obvious to us how Compare should behave, because there are real differences in addition to the whitespace you want to ignore. What would you expect to see here? Should we stop showing the text line by line, for example, or reformat the text on one side to match the other?

    If you deployed this change, there's currently no way for Compare to apply the formatting on the right to the lines of SQL that contain real differences. We have a number of proposed suggestions for this, including the idea of sharing your SQL Prompt formatting options with Compare, but we think further research is required to decide how that should work.
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    Hi guys,
    And what about such simple differences with brackets only?
    Obviously, I've ticked the option "Ignore square brackets in object names".
    I've got the latest version of Redgate Compare:
    Could you help, please? Currently, I have tons differences because of that only.
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    Hi @Kamil ,

    It seems to work fine for me. I've tested in version and We have created a ticket for you so that we can look into the issue for you in detail.
    Kind regards

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