Monthly Maintenance Procedure

We perform monthly maintenance on our development environment. Now that we are about to start using SQL Clone databases presented to our remote SQL Servers, how will rebooting of the remote SQL Server with the clone on it be impacted? Also, when would we be able to reboot the SQL Clone server that hosts the web front end and SQL Clone agent.

I just want to get the proper workflow so we do not have mass outage next time we perform monthly maintenance.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.


  • The SQL Clone Agent running on the machine with the clones should restart with the machine and bring the clones back up once the connection to the image can be reestablished. It needs to be able to talk to the machine running SQL Clone Server to do this.

    We've recently improved the reliability of Agents sending updates to SQL Clone Server so that you should be able to reboot the Clone Server whenever it's convenient for you. Because bringing clones back online and performing monitoring on them involves communication with the SQL Clone Server, I'd recommend staggering rebooting the machines with clones and the machine with Clone Server, though, so that you don't experience outages.
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