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Hi All,

I just downloaded the trial version of Schema Compare for Oracle tool and wanted to compare two schemas of my project. I have configured the Source and Destination schemas and when i hit on Compare Now, it is stuck at Registering since 4 hours. Can someone please confirm how much time it will take to complete this step? Or does this tool has any limitation on size of the database?




  • When i hover on the progress bar, it shows the Estimated Time Left as 00:05:44

    But, i don't think it is showing correct information. As i said, it is stuck at that point since 4 hours now.
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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    The time taken depends on the size of the schema's being compared. Therefore I cannot provide an accurate time taken for this step.

    From the help menu ->About what is the full version number you are using?

    If you enable the verbose logging as per this help article:

    Restart the comparison attempt. When the comparison appears to stall or you have waited several hours, locate the log file and send a copy of log file for us to review. Please email [email protected], hopefully the log file will provide information as to what is occurring when you attempt the comparison.

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